The Nation's Premier Autism and Disabilities Conference

November 14-16 | Columbus, OH

November 14-16 | Columbus, OH

The Nation's Premier Autism and Disabilities Conference

Presenter DIY Promotions Kit

DIY Promotions Kit v.2

Presenter DIY Promotions Kit

OCALICON is a big event and a big deal.

So are you.

Presenters play a vital role in creating the nation's premier autism and disabilities conference. Your expertise, knowledge, ideas, experiences, and stories are essential to the success of this humble endeavor. Thank you for helping to make it happen.

We know how important you are. Now, help us let everyone else know how important you are.

The OCALICON 2018 DIY Promotions Kit is a small collection of simple, no cost, no stress, ways you can bang the gong, sound the alarm, and toot your own horn. Let your colleagues, friends, family – let the whole world know what you're doing this November.

1.   Post session details on your social media channels.

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram – or all of the above – consider sharing your session info with the masses. We’ve created some sample posts and memes to help get you started – but feel free to get creative and put your own spin on things. 

2.   Add session info to your your mail signature.

Love it, hate it – maybe a little of both? – but email is a primary communications tool for many (should we say most?) of us. Consider adding session details in your email signature. Check out some of below suggestions – or create your own. 

3.  Share info with colleagues and friends.

When you receive emails and updates from the OCALICON team, forward the information along to your colleagues and others – and include a personal note/reminder about your presentation with the closing phrase, "See you there!"

Have fun with your promotions! And don’t forget to link to the conference website —  — and tag your posts with #ocalicon2018!

Sample Social Media Content 


Use the below sample text to create Facebook and Twitter posts. Or put on your thinking cap and make up your own!

Don’t forget to link to the conference website – – and tag your posts with #ocalicon2018! 


  • Don’t miss my session at OCALICON 2018 – the nation’s premier autism and disabilities conference!
  • Want to learn more about [FILL IN TOPIC]? Catch my session at OCALICON 2018!
  • I’m presenting on [FILL IN TOPIC/TITLE] on [FILL IN DATE/TIME]. Come join us to learn about [FILL IN WITH SESSION GOAL/OBJECTIVES]. Hope to see you there!
  • Learn about my research this November at OCALICON 2018! I’m showcasing my work in [FILL IN TOPIC]. Highlights include: [FILL IN OBJECTIVES/HIGHLIGHTS]. Hope to see you there!


  • Don’t miss my presentation - [FILL IN TOPIC/TITLE]. #ocalicon2018
  • Want to learn more about [FILL IN TOPIC]? Catch my session at OCALICON 2018! #ocalicon2018
  • See me present [FILL IN TOPIC/TITLE] on [FILL IN DATE/TIME]. #ocalicon2018
  • Learn about my research in [FILL IN TOPIC]. #ocalicon2018.

Social Media Images

We've created a few sample images you can include in your social media posts. Included is a general OCALICON 2018 image, and one for each day of the conference ("See Me Present on Wednesday!").

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Sample Email Signature Content


Add the below to your email signature – and let the world know you’re presenting at OCALICON 2018! Or put on your thinking cap, and create your own!

I’m presenting [INSERT SESSION TITLE] at OCALICON 2018!
November [INSERT DATE], 2018
Greater Columbus Convention Center
Columbus, OH USA

Join my session [INSERT TITLE/TOPIC] at OCALICON 2018!
November [INSERT DATE], 2018

OCALICON 2018 Logo

Please follow these guidelines when using OCALI logos:

  • Keep the logo to its original proportions, shape, orientation, and color.
  • Do not distort, stretch, rotate, or change the color of the logo.
  • Make sure the logo has adequate contrast with its background. Use the white version of the logo when placed on a dark background.
  • Give the logo adequate room on all sides. Do not have the logo overlap other graphics.

The ZIP file contains black and white versions of the logo as a PNG and EPS.

If you have any problems downloading or using these logos, please contact us.



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Download and use these humorous memes as part of your promotional efforts. Or create your own for free at imgflip or Make a Meme.

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