The Nation's Premier Autism and Disabilities Conference

November 14-16 | Columbus, OH

November 14-16 | Columbus, OH

The Nation's Premier Autism and Disabilities Conference

Before Submitting

2018 Session Audience

Proposal Deadline

All proposals must be submitted online before 11:59pm EDT, Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Late proposals will not be accepted. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your proposal.


Notify all co-presenters that each one will need to add him or herself to your proposal before the March 20 deadline. The number of co-presenters varies by session type. All primary and co-presenters are each required to create/update an individual OCALI Pass and upload a current bio and CV.

Candidates may submit a maximum of 5 proposals (whether as a primary or co-presenter). Successful candidates will have a maximum of three sessions (whether as a primary or co-presenter) in the final conference program.

Please note: Only co-presenters who will be present at OCALICON should be included on your proposal. You might have several people who have authored or contributed to a project, but you should only add co-presenters to the proposal who will be attending OCALICON in person and actively contributing to the onsite presentation.

Proposal Preparations

Review the proposal requirements, paying careful attention to the different session types. Think creatively as you select the session type that will allow the audience to best understand, experience, and/or engage with your session content. Breakout sessions will be 60-75 minutes in length. Chairs, tables, A/V equipment, and presentation space will be arranged to best support the different session types. For example, Facilitated Discussions will be set in a way that supports interactive discussions coordinated by 2-3 facilitators.

We strongly suggest you first write your proposal in an offline format (such as Microsoft Word) prior to submitting it through the online system. Pay attention to the character minimum and maximum requirements and/or the number of selections per question. If the guidelines are not followed, the online form will alert you with an error and ask you to revise your answer. Please note that the proposal submission form does not save incomplete proposals. Be prepared to submit all of the proposal details in their entirety in one sitting. The online submission form does not auto save. You must submit within 60 minutes.

Make sure your title and abstract clearly and accurately describe your session content. OCALICON participants rely on this information to understand and select which sessions they will attend.

Review your proposal content to ensure it is interesting, clearly defines the learning objectives and goals for the session, provides an accurate overall description of your session, highlights innovative ideas or strategies, incorporates interaction with the audience, and is noncommercial in nature. Ensure the proposed content is able to be fully and clearly presented in the allotted time provided.

If accepted, you agree to attend OCALICON in person, register at the discounted presenter rate, and present your session at the designated date, time, and room. (Note: The registration fee is waived for presenters with autism, sensory disabilities, or low-incidence disabilities).

You also agree to submit your handouts or session materials into the online system prior to OCALICON. Handouts or session materials are frequently requested and highly utilized by conference attendees.

Please note that due to the large quantity of proposals OCALICON receives, not all proposals will be accepted. Unsuccessful candidates are still welcome to register and attend OCALICON.

We sincerely appreciate the time it takes to complete and submit a proposal, and hope you will continue to submit to OCALICON year after year.