The Nation's Premier Autism and Disabilities Conference

November 14-16 | Columbus, OH

November 14-16 | Columbus, OH

The Nation's Premier Autism and Disabilities Conference

Summit on Sensory Disabilities

2018 Summit on Sensory Disabilities

2018 Summit on Sensory Disabilities

A Roadmap for Navigating Systems for Successful Life Transitions

8:00 am – 9:15 am | Wednesday, November 14

Presented and hosted by The Outreach Center for Deafness and Blindness (Outreach Center) and the Assistive Technology & Accessible Educational Materials (AT&AEM) Center, the Summit is designed for education professionals and parents who work with or support individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing or blind/visually impaired.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear from and engage with experts in the field about systems and supports for navigating the many transitions that occur across the lifespan – from early identification to the schooling years to the transition into adulthood and employment. The summit format will feature a combination of short presentations and facilitated round table discussions.

Identification Overview

Learn about the process, organizations, and resources available in Ohio to ensure those who are D/HH or B/VI are identified as early as possible.

Allyson Vanhorn, Reena Kothari

Birth to Early Intervention

Learn about the systems, services, and supports available for children who have been identified as D/HH or B/VI from birth to age 3.

Nathan Dedino, Jenni Remis, Al LaBarre

Early Intervention to School

Learn about the process of transitioning from Early Intervention services to school-age services and how systems work together at this stage.

Teresa Kobelt, Marie Wilbanks

School to Career or College

Learn about resources, programs, and supports for learners as they transition from school to career or college.

Katie Scheetz, Starr Dobush, Heather Herbster, Kim Moritz

Summit participants will:

  • Explore systems, supports, and resources with a specific focus on transition
  • Learn steps involved in transitioning from birth to early intervention, early intervention to school, and school to career
  • Participate in roundtable discussions facilitated by experts in the field
  • Network with state and regional partners
  • Receive updates on Outreach Center and AT & AEM Center activities and newly developed resources

Join us for an informative and highly interactive event first thing Wednesday morning – then continue your day by participating in the Braille AT Forum or OCALICON breakout sessions. The breakout session schedule is now available. Use the Session Sorter to view the full list of sessions and presenters.

Access to the Summit on Sensory Disabilities is included in OCALICON 2018 registration. You must be a registered OCALICON participant to attend.

The Summit on Sensory Disabilities is presented by The Outreach Center for Deafness and Blindness and the AT&AEM Center at OCALI.

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